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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning HVAC


Course Outlines:
•    Introduction about air conditioning devices.
•    Air conditioning mechanics.
•    The difference between ventilation and air conditioning.
•    The transition of heat.
•    Cooling using Freon.
•    Air conditioning graphs.
Air Conditioning components and its spare parts
•    The essential parts (compressor/ evaporator coil / condenser coil/ chemical refrigerant/ fan).
•    Compressor problems and how to fix them.
•    Condenser problems and how to fix them.
•    Freon paths.
•    Expansion devices.
•    Types of pipes.
•    Oxy-acetylene flame.
•    Welding equipment and types of pipes used in welding.
•    Motor.
•    Determine the electrical parts used in (relay – valve - Thermal timer).

Soft skills

Course Duration:
•    175 hour