About VTEC

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The Center for Training and Professional Employment is located in the Gheit Al-Enab region of Alexandria,
• Provide workers and job seekers with high-quality training in industry-related skills
• Preparing young people for job opportunities to increase income
• Contributes to the growth of entrepreneurship
• acts as a link between workers and customers
• Filling the gap between labor needs and skilled labor force
• Contributes to economic growth
The Center operates under the auspices of the Association of Businessmen in Alexandria with its extensive experience in community work.
The center consists of four internal sectors: training center, employment center, home maintenance service center, industrial workshop center.
Serving many customers:
Advanced customized skills training programs
The Vocational Training and Employment Center offers specialized training programs ranging from one to two weeks by contracting with companies in order to raise the skills of employees.

Vocational training programs:
The Training and Employment Center offers training programs ranging from two to three months with a fee for individuals, which include the following:
• Mechanics and electric cars
• Welding (electricity - argon - CO2)
• Plumbing (Health - Gas)
• Carpentry (Office Furniture - Door & Window)
• Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
• Celsion electricity
• Ready-made garments

Short training programs:
The Vocational Training and Employment Center offers short programs of less than one month which include the following:
• Mobile maintenance - Laptops - LCD - LED screens
• Hotel
• The art of cooking
• Recruitment skills
• Maintenance of knitting machines

A non-profit center seeking sustainability:
• The Training and Vocational Training Center aims to train and employ 1,500 people in its first year of operation. This number will be increased by a steady stream of beneficiaries each year.
• The continuity of the vocational and operational training and employment center depends on training services and trainees who pay for courses.
• Scholarships are available according to material needs